simpli-manage:  pension liability management

Liability management


As an employer, you probably have many plates to keep spinning and balanced.


Your legacy defined benefit pension scheme may well be upsetting the natural balance due to significant costs and risks.


Ensuring efficient and cost-effective services and management is an important step to recovering your balance but for many employers it will not be enough.


Conditions have not been great for defined benefit schemes for at least 15 years and many employers have struggled to keep funding levels in check, let alone reduce any deficits.


Costs and risk continue to spiral and ongoing affordability is a real concern.


This is where we come in



Targeted risk management and reduction


However large or small your defined benefit pension scheme, our risk management solutions are targeted
at your requirements.


Future scheme design, flexible retirement options, transfer value exercises - whatever you're aiming for,
we set our sights on the right target.


Pension scheme risk management made simple.