simpli-govern:  for trustees

simplicity pension trustee governance


So you have a legacy (or maybe current) final salary or defined benefit pension scheme.  It probably has liabilities and costs stretching years into the future.


A well-managed scheme, with services at realistic fee levels is less of a burden on those responsible for it, freeing up valuable resources to make a difference in the business.


With consolidation of service suppliers diluting their focus and objectives, and choice for you, have you considered whether you're still getting the best?


Maybe it's time to ask for you and your trustees to ask some questions:

  • Are you certain you're still getting value-added services?

  • Has the personal service become rather impersonal?

  • Are you being serviced by the 'B-Team' or even the 'C-Team', where once you had the 'A-Team'?

  • Are the fees still competitive?  Does your fixed fee cover fewer and fewer services?  Has upselling become more important than servicing?

This is where we come in



Services that are distilled, filtered and made for you


Just like your favourite barista, we go the extra distance to ensure that the services you get from us are not off the shelf but are made to suit you.


With extensive expertise and experience covering all of the services that you need to manage your pension scheme, we do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.


Pension scheme management made simple.



Propotionate, pragmatic, personal partner


Words used to describe us beginning with 'P'?  Yes, but we don't stop there!  As a Simplicity client, you can also expect to add expertise, efficiency, relevance, quality and value to the list!


We don't have an 'A-Team' or even a 'B-Team'.  We simply use the right team.


Cutting through the 'pensions white noise', we deliver directly relevant advice, guidance and services that matter to you - informed decision-making through jargon-free advice.